Episode 1

Published on:

15th Aug 2023

Our Favorite Games

We welcome all of you to learn a bit about us as we talk about what kind of games we like, what makes a game outstanding to each of us, and of course...what our favorite games are!

POST-RELEASE NOTES: We plan on eventually doing an improved cut of this episode, and audio quality greatly improves in general as we fix issues in episodes 3+ (especially Tim...microphone was inconsistent distances for first few episodes). Thanks for giving us a listen, and be sure to check out our later episodes!

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About the Podcast

The Board Game Triangle
The quintessential board game podcast for newcomers and enthusiasts.
Three friends (Ken, Sara, and Tim) from the North Carolina "Triangle" chat about anything and everything related to board games, all while poking fun at one another along the way (without totally derailing themselves)!

The discussions are lighthearted and approachable while still being substantive and engaging, and they each bring unique perspectives to the table that both newcomers and enthusiasts alike can appreciate. They also occasionally bring guests on to add to their kerfuffles.

While some episodes will be more newbie-friendly and others more enthusiast-focused, there's generally something for everyone! Come get lost in the Bermuda of board gaming with this terrific triangular trio!


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